The professionals at Prowse Chowne LLP understand the field of trademarks and related activities. We can assist you in acquiring, commercializing and safeguarding your brands.

Legal advice is imparted in the following topics related to trademark:

Selection of a Trademark

Choosing a name for a product or company can be a challenge, but the greater challenge is choosing a name that doubles as a strong trademark. In general, coined terms are generally considered to be stronger trademarks than those made up of letters, numbers or dictionary words. Actual words with a known meaning that have no association or relationship with the goods and services can also be considered strong marks (e.g. Apple Computers). Our lawyers and trademark agents will take into consideration your brand, the image to be created and customer perception when assisting you with your trademarks.

Registration of a Trademark

There are several steps associated with the registration of a trademark. Our professionals are well-versed in these steps and can guide you through them. These include: searching for a trademark, preparing the trademark application, prosecution of the trademark application, opposition proceedings (if applicable) and ultimately registration of your trademark.

Commercialization and Protection of Rights related to Trademark Brands

Commercialization of a trademark requires an understanding of the brand, the company and the goods and services being provided. Prowse Chowne LLP can work with you to create a plan to roll out a new trademark and ensure that your trademark is being used correctly so that your trademark retains its value.

The trademark-related services provided by our lawyers and trademark agents are in tune with the recent changes to the Canadian Trademarks Act. We also have a strong team of professionals providing trademark litigation support and services.