Intellectual Property Commercialization

At Prowse Chowne LLP, we know and understand what intellectual property means and its importance to our clients. We help protect and enforce these assets and can help maximize their value. Our valued professionals provide comprehensive intellectual property advice to our clients across all sectors.

We also provide litigation services in all areas of intellectual property.

IP Commercialization and Monetization

In order to commercialize and monetize intellectual property, startups need to develop an intellectual property strategy. Our fundamental consideration of any Intellectual Property strategy is to always balance any short-term gain against potential long-term issues with regard to the company’s business goals.

A common strategy for commercialization and monetization of intellectual property is to sign licensing agreements that allow others to use the intellectual property. Prowse Chowne LLP can provide advice on licensing strategies and assist in the preparation of licensing agreements.

Protect Intellectual Property

Our lawyers and agents have detailed knowledge and understanding of intellectual property commercialization. They can assist in protecting ownership rights, provide guidance and support related to the control and management of intellectual property by means of license agreements, assignments or other contractual arrangements.

Our lawyers and agents can assist our clients in forming partnerships with other companies or businesses to create higher-value solutions. We act to ensure that these partnerships are directed towards the core intellectual property that supports the business goals of our clients. We understand that any intellectual property strategy should be tailored to support our clients’ goals and maximize the legal protections available and minimize risk and liability.