Questions To Ask The Divorce Lawyer

Have you decided on the fate of your marriage? When you do file for divorce, the burden of proof is on you. It will entail a lot of work. You will need to explain why your marriage is ending and why it is not worth fighting for. The process of divorce can make you very emotional, especially because divorce lawyers will try to purge out everything about the marriage that will justify your claim that no effort is going to make it work.

However, most divorce lawyers will advise you not to take the track of the blame game. Although it can be very convenient to blame everything simply on your spouse and tell the court that he did this or did that, that process is a rather dirty one. There are other ways you can use to prove that the marriage is no longer working without necessarily blaming it on a spouse alone. But how do you get the court’s approval?

This and many other questions about the divorce process can only be answered by a divorce lawyer, after listening to your story. When meeting with the lawyer, don’t forget to cover the basic questions. Here they are in a list:

  • What should I do when I receive a divorce notice from my spouse?

First, calm down. If you already know about the divorce papers being served, this should be easy. But if it came as a total surprise, then try very hard not to react violently. With calmness and ease, consult a divorce lawyer immediately, so you can take action on the papers that were just served. It is important that a lawyer becomes part of the early stages of the divorce to have a better plan on how to appropriately deal with the situation and get the most favorable results too.

  • Can I change my grounds for divorce?

It is possible for you to do that. You may shift from a no-fault divorce to a fault-based one as long as you work hand in hand with your lawyer. The change in perspective might work to your advantage, or it could also backfire; thus, it is important that you have a divorce lawyer by your side all the way. Such changes can be overwhelming and very emotional if you are not careful.

  • Can I file for divorce a month after the separation?

The amount of time that you have been separated from your spouse says a lot about the efforts you have shown to try to save the marriage or the lack of it. So when thinking about filing for divorce sooner than one year of separation, make sure you talk to your lawyer about it. They can help you strategize a plan to get the most out of the divorce.